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(HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS, SEPTEMBER 4, 2008) -- LONG PIG: THE MOVIE won the award for Best Preview Trailer and one of its lead actors, George H. Russell, received the award for Best Actor in the first Horrific Film Fest held in San Antonio, Texas from August 28-31, 2008. In addition, LONG PIG star Glen Philip was also nominated for Best Actor at the festival.

"Winning two awards at The Horrific Film Festival certainly came as a surprise and was great cause for celebration. We thought that we had a shot at winning at least one award, but to come away with two was more than we had hoped." said Carlo Rodriguez, writer and director of LONG PIG. "Being honored by our peers in the Texas filmmaking community is something that all of us who worked on LONG PIG feel is very special and reflects highly upon Huntsville, Texas, where we work and live."

LONG PIG is now on sale at many venues including

About The Horrific Film Fest

The Horrific Film Fest was established in order to give more opportunities and exposure to independent filmmakers around the world. Working with horror, horror/comedy, thriller, and suspense, filmmaker George L. Ortiz (Ortiz Entertainment: The House Of The Demon) and Jaime Becerril (Bec Sky Creations), joined forces in 2007 to bring this event to San Antonio, Texas. “Our goal is to bring tourism to the San Antonio area and attract filmmakers from around the world,” they said. The filmmakers whose entries are accepted compete for awards such as best feature, best SFX, best actor, best actress, best short film, etc. The Horrific Film Fest took place from August 28th through 31st at the Instituto Cultural de México in Hemisfair Plaza - 600 Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, TX, 78205.

About Long Pig

LONG PIG is an epic and brutally disturbing urban legend. The soldiers of Hell hunt the weak, the corrupt, and those whose souls have been lost to desire and temptation. They show no mercy. They strip away every ounce of dignity. They rip apart all shreds of humanity - all before feeding the appetites of the men and women of power who are cannibalizing our planet.

This underground film was produced by political and environmental activist Texas businessman, George H. Russell. The production of this film was very much a family affair as George Russell’s 97-year-old father, lifetime educator Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, makes his acting debut with this project. Mr. Russell presents an allegory for the social, political, and economic turmoil that this country is currently experiencing in the form of the story of LONG PIG, and the movie - while certainly timely in its content - is timeless as its themes relate directly to the darker parts of Human Nature. For more information on LONG PIG, visit


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