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Long Pig


Contact: Carlo Rodriguez
Telephone: 936-291-2860

Attn: Entertainment Editor


(HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS, JULY 10, 2008) -- LONG PIG: THE MOVIE has been accepted by Indie Fest USA as an official entry in the annual Indie Fest USA Film Festival. The festival will be in Anaheim, California on August 8th through the 15th. LONG PIG is eligible for awards in several categories including Best of Festival, Best Feature Film, Best Underground Film, and Best Director.

"We are honored to be invited to be part of Indie Fest USA. It is great to receive some recognition for all the work that went into producing LONG PIG: THE MOVIE," said Carlo Rodriguez, writer and director of LONG PIG. "An important aspect of Indie Fest USA to us is its contribution to charitable and social causes. Each day of the eight day festival is dedicated to support a worthy cause, such as Save the Rainforest, Breast Cancer Fund, and Spina Bifida Association. From the beginning, LONG PIG was envisioned as an allegory for problems within our society. Now we have the opportunity to participate in social change."

About Indie Fest USA

INDIE FEST USA International Film Festival offers the exciting opportunity to meet the Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers and Celebrities eager to share their work and provides an exclusive inside look at the motion picture industry through the presentation of an annual, multi-day festival in which independent films submitted by filmmakers throughout the world are publicly exhibited at world famous venues and locations. This year's festival will be hosted at AMC 12 Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California. For more information on Indie Fest USA, visit

About Long Pig

LONG PIG is an epic and brutally disturbing urban legend. The soldiers of Hell hunt the weak, the corrupt, and those whose souls have been lost to desire and temptation. They show no mercy. They strip away every ounce of dignity. They rip apart all shreds of humanity - all before feeding the appetites of the men and women of power who are cannibalizing our planet.

This underground film was produced by political and environmental activist Texas businessman, George H. Russell. The production of this film was very much a family affair as George Russellís 97-year-old father, lifetime educator Dr. Kenneth L. Russell, makes his acting debut with this project. Mr. Russell presents an allegory for the social, political, and economic turmoil that this country is currently experiencing in the form of the story of LONG PIG, and the movie - while certainly timely in its content - is timeless as its themes relate directly to the darker parts of Human Nature. For more information on LONG PIG, visit


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